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Are your tutors all qualified teachers and CRB checked?

Yes, we only employ qualified teachers and not only do our tutors have CRB checks, they are checks initiated by ourselves. Lots of tutors/tuition centres employ teachers who have CRB checks produced by teaching agencies or local authorities. These are not valid as an employee needs a separate CRB with every separate employer!

Is it 1 to 1 tuition?

We do not offer 1 to 1 tuition for a number of reasons. Firstly, from a legal perspective, 1 to 1 is very vulnerable for both the student and the teacher. For this reason there are at least 2 adults in attendance in any lesson and a minimum of 2 students are required before a lesson is regarded as viable.

Secondly many students find 1 to 1 very intimidating with the tutor scrutinising their every word. Far better that the tutor should give them a little breathing space to practice before further teaching input. We find groups of 5 are the optimum size. Every student has their own individual programme of study and lesson plan so that there is no comparison and competition with others.

Do you prepare children for 11+/grammar school tests?

Yes, we have a significant number of children every year taking tests for the local Grammar schools. We prepare them for the content of the various tests, V.R. , N.V.R. , ENGLISH and MATHS using practice papers and our own11+ online service which has 6000+ practice questions.