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Education Enrichment Mission

Education Enrichment Mission

Multi-award-winning Aldridge Premier Tuition are passionate about using our expertise to help pupils ages 5-16 thrive in their educational studies. Due to the time missed at school over the past year, we want to help as many pupils as possible become experts in the areas they find difficult. We aim to do this by offering education enrichment classes.

We are looking for local businesses that will help us in our mission. For every £30 donated, it will help a local pupil receive 6 hours of expert help working on the key areas that will make a difference in their education. We will be inviting schools to select pupils that will benefit from this support and promise to help as many schools as we possibly can.

 As well as benefiting local children, we also aim to help the businesses that support us by showcasing their generosity in a number of ways and providing them with a personalised certificate and logo that they can use to publicise their involvement in the mission.
With £600 already raised we know we can help at least 20 pupils from 2 schools.
At this stage, we are asking interested businesses to email us at aldridgepremiertuition@gmail.com for more information. We will be able to give you more in-depth details on how our mission will work and how it will benefit you. If local schools would like more information about how this mission could help your pupils, then please feel free to send an email to the same address.

Our aim 

Our aim is to provide free classes for schools to help pupils they feel need it the most. We want to help as many young people and schools as possible. APT will not profit from this endeavour, we will use the money to pay staff and cover costs of materials. We are planning to approach the schools local to the tuition centre (on Lazy Hill Road in Aldridge) and we will extend it further afield depending on the amount of support offered.

Each £30 donated to the cause will enable us to provide a local child with 6 hours of help with a fully qualified teacher. We will give schools the flexibility to choose which child/children they feel will most benefit from extra help and can work with the school to find target areas for the children.

Business package

Each business that supports our mission will receive a certificate of thanks signed by the child/children they have helped, a digital ‘APT support enrichment logo’ and APT will personally thank each individual business on Facebook. We will also produce a digital leaflet to be sent out to all pupils within the schools we help to thank the business for support and to help advertise your business.