About Us

A local Aldridge Tuition Centre is available for your children’s benefit.

The Aldridge Centre has been successfully providing tutorial assistance to children who need support with their schoolwork since opening in 1999. The Centre has been well established for over 17 years with a reputation in the area for Excellence.

The centres uses a tutorial system based on a series of computer programs, integrated with structured worksheets and textbooks. The programs have been successful in helping children overcome problems in Spelling, Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The pupils follow individualised learning programmes, unless the work is aimed at a specific exam, e.g. 11+, S.A.T.S., G.C.S.E.

Although some of our children are in need of support to help them improve in English and/or Math’s others are high achievers and need extending further. Some of the children are aiming at entry to selective or private schools and we also provide preparation for S.A.T.S. tests at K.S.1, K.S.2.

Some simply need support, confidence and enthusiasm to learn.

The material is graded so that progress is constant and accelerated. Children catch up as quickly as possible. The individual programmes are designed to give the children the motivation to succeed with challenging but attainable goals.

They work individually at their own pace and failure is eliminated.

As they achieve and succeed they find it both rewarding and fun.

Each child is given an assessment prior to starting, parents concerns are established and the results of the assessments are discussed confidentially

Tutorials are conducted in the Centre at 23, Lazy Hill Road, Aldridge, WS9 8RW after school hours on weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Each session of 1 hour & 20 minutes costs £27 (inc,V.A.T.)

Fees are paid on a week by week basis or by a half term block in advance. Tutors are qualified teachers with experience in teaching at Primary and/or Secondary Level. No more than five students are assigned to each tutor at any time. Computers are provided to assist the childrens learning.

Attendance and Missed Lessons

Regular attendance is important if your child is going to progress. We would appreciate as much notice as possible if your child were unable to attend a lesson. If your child cannot attend a lesson, then you must pay for the missed lesson the next time your child attends. We will issue you with a voucher that can be used on a different day/time to your child’s normal lesson. This allows your child to make up the missed lesson and the lesson fee is not lost. This voucher must be used within six weeks of issue to remain valid.

A deposit of two lessons fees [£54] is required at the enrolment that normally takes place at the end of assessment, which will secure your child’s place. The deposit is recoverable at the end of your child’s tuition when the last two lesson fees do not have to be paid for. The deposit is only forfeited if you fail to proceed with tuition after enrolling.

Lessons are conducted:
Monday – Friday 4.30-5.45pm
Saturday 9.00-10.20am
10.30-11.50am and 12:00 – 13:20

The Aldridge Tuition Centre is closed on bank holidays and half-term holidays.
The Centre is closed: –
Christmas 2 weeks
Easter 2 weeks
Summer 4-5 weeks (as per School holidays)

Please refer to the local authority calendar for a complete schedule of holidays.

We will run our closure in line with the Walsall Education Department.



Conditions of Enrolment: please read carefully.

The Aldridge Tuition Centre:

Undertakes to provide tuition by professionally qualified teachers to improve your child’s standard in the respective subjects or subjects nominated. We do this on an understanding that you will do your best to ensure that homework is completed, and that you will ensure that your child’s attendance is regular and punctual and that fees are paid in accordance with the above schedule.

Fourteen days notice is required when you intend withdrawing your child from the Centre.

Policy for missed lessons will be strictly adhered to.